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Nature Rings

Rings are the most fashionable worn accessories by both male and female for adornment or as a symbol of something. Traditionally to date, different types and styles of rings are used to commemorate special occasions from weddings to just friendship events like the promise rings. What pops in your head when you think of having a green makeover for your special occasion ?The awesome luxurious gold, priceless diamonds are the most envied jewels but wouldn’t be better to have a nature inspired ring with an encryption of mother nature on its design? Rings are generally made of platinum, palladium, argentium, silver, rose, white or yellow gold or silicone .Plain made rings do not hold much of awe when gifted with. The engravings inside do the magic.

Recently designers are changing the trend introducing the nature rings .Having in mind the changing economic state, making purely precious stone made rings is not a priority. They are utterly expensive. It is time to be creative with our natural resources thus the nature rings. There are various classification of nature inspired rings depending on what shape of what in nature it has taken whether animals or plants. Designs and style of rings that have been made with this inspiration are as follows:

Leaf ring

Casting tender leaf stems in silver and affixing each one with semiprecious birthstones incorporates the beauty of new beginnings into rings. Leaf buds always indicate the promise of a new beginning and a brighter future. Leaf rings have the leaf pattern and its buds engraved in the ring, a symbol that whatever the reason the ring has been given, it will blossom. Mostly mother rings have this engraved on them. The green colored turquoise always bring out the nature-inspired green color on any leaf engraved ring. Thus turquoise is mostly used on these designs. The leaf rings can come with one leaf pattern or various leaves patterns depending on the size of the ring.

Twig ring

The birds perching on a twig, the animals that walk on the twigs like chameleons etc. All these happenings in on a twig can find their way into jewelry store .These ranges from rings like the Sterling Golden Bird branch twig ring that has a symbol of a bird on top of it. Other twig rigs look like twigs that have been intertwined to form great patterns. These patterns can be detailed to have the shape of the twigs and tiny leaves. These patterns may be of twigs making geometric statements in the ring. Twig rings can be made as separate but in a shape in which they can be put together to give a stunningly looking ring. This idea can be used if one wants to have their engagement ring and wedding ring together all the time as they will blend into each other and make one. Creation of trinity rings will borrow this idea .A trinity ring is made of three intertwining rings that worn together at one time.

Branch ring

Being a natural woman, you would prefer a ring that make you one with nature and its trees and roots. When wedding under a big beautiful tree it would be preferable to choose a branch rind or a tree branch ring to blend the occasion. This may include a few examples like Diamond Branch Ring. A bare tree branch usually provide a lovely and artistic look to any ring .These mostly work to have rustic looking engagement rings. The moss that grow on the barks of tree and branches are encrypted into rings to create moss rings. The patterns takes the shape of a moss. The branch ring, twig ring and leaf ring are mostly quite large due to their patterns. One thing with all these like they are forged from the wood. Epic!

Ocean ring

The wonders of the ocean have always left many wondering .You would love remembering those moments you spent in the pool and had fun moments. The ocean ring captures this in various ways. The Fire Coral ring and Shima Reef Opal Ring should be in your list of rings- both bring out the gorgeousness of the coral reef system. Simply beautiful Wave Eternity ring pays tribute to the ocean. The sea creatures too have inspired great designs too like the Tentacle ring. Some aquamarine rings look like treasure Ariel dug out from the ocean making a great statement of adventure. They are generally considered magical considering the wonders of the sea.

Flower ring

Flower inspired styles are what we have always fallen in love through the ages .Flowers are everywhere. They make our homes beautiful and gardens too. They have always been presented as a symbol of beauty and love. When sad, happy or feeling romantic, flowers will always be there. A relationship of any kind even a promise need tender care to be taken care of with love and sunshine.one must be devoted to let it blossom at all times. Isn’t that how we tender for our flowers? With this in mind many couples gift each other with flower inspired engagement rings.

Halo rings usually give a distinctive floral design with the glittering gemstones at the center. Most of the beautiful floral designed rings highlight budding leaves with twisted vines. It might seem impossible to do this with metals used to make rings but delicate strands of metal are intertwined to look like naturally growing vines and leaves. These rings stand out especially with marquise shaped like diamond, sapphires or emeralds accents which are like blooming buds add sparkle to any ring..  You will also find rings with subtle floral touch of curving vines, wispy flowers garlands engraved on them. Jewelers will always engrave an awesome floral pattern on any ring depending on your taste if you go for the custom made ones. The floral patterns are engraved on the side, the top, the center or all round with a touch of glittering precious stones.

Antique ring

Antique is another choice of a unique flower inspired engagement ring. Feminine beauty is mostly captured in antique with perfectly subtle floral designs or better still highly crafted flowers. Antique rings are made in such a way that metal is crafted to resemble delicate petals of a blooming flower with warm diamond accents. The color of flowers is incorporated in the flower inspired rings with carefully choosing gemstones and precious stones that take the awesome color of flowers. Most cocktail rings have big, bold floral style that capture imagination and attention. Modern Flower Child’s Etsy collection for example has grasped this idea and displays a great variety of rings encrypted with colorful flowers.

Carved rings

These are carvings on wood, bone or stone using machine or hands .These give quite an edgy ethical look. They are made from ash, walnut, hickory or oak. These are woods that can easily be smoothened and shaped to have awesome rings. These carved rings are for those who truly have a green heart .The sparkle of rings is still maintained in this rings with braided silver as well as eco-friendly diamonds are added to the wooden base of the ring.

Nature’s Deerest ring pieces displays wonders of the Pennsylvania forest from the materials used such as turkey feathers, pine cones and natural elements for breathtaking designs.

Beaded Rings

The design of these are simple and so elaborate. They are made from weaving beads onto threads or wires. Apart from the wonderful nature’s look encrypted rings, nature’s need for protection has led to rings made from eco-mineral made rings or recycled gold or silver.

Resin ring

The resin ring for example is biologically derived from material like pine oils from waste streams where other manufacturing products are deposited. Resin is transparent and has a great magnifying property thus every grain of wheat, a strand of feather or even a spiral in a shell are highlighted to make great rings from these natural artifacts. Resin made rings are different from each other because even if a shell may look like they are never the same. The feathers used in most cases are natural feathers as the vibrant colors of the feathers are what captures the eye.

Eco- wood rings

The eco wood rings have a unique and stunning look for engagement and wedding rings. Diamond, silver and gold are sparingly used in their making with wood forming their large part. These carved rings are set with beautiful bands of crushed stones, crushed walnut shells, turquoise or mother pearl. These patterns and designs of rings from nature can be incorporated as combinations of each other in a single ring for example: combining both branch and twig designs on a single ring.

Secret Wood which is a Canadian jeweler is an example of jewelers who combine the art of using wood and containing with the picture of various environments within the space of your finger. Each ring has an angular surface reflecting the scene placed within from the snowcapped mountains to tiny snow globes or deep blue lagoons in a single ring. These are used in all the types of rings used in various occasions such as:

The class ring mostly worn by students to symbolically stand for academic achievements .Promise ring to stand for promises made between one and their partner and considered also as a pre-engagement ring. The engagement ring which from traditions in the past has been used by men to indicate an intention to marry a woman. Wedding rings commonly used world over to symbolize that the wearer is married. During anniversaries a husband gives his wife an eternity ring or other special event to symbolize everlasting love. Memorial rings like mother’s rings.

And many more types like purity rings, championship rings, mood ring, poise ring and signet rings. The mood ring in particular has partly of its origin from nature mimicking the camouflaging of insects and animals like the chameleon. This ring is believed by some people that it changes color to show the wearer’s mood. The thermo chromic liquid crystal in the ring changes color depending on small changes of temperature of the wearer. This is believed to indicate your moods. There is a choice of rings that get to our decoration in the kitchen or a table –the napkin rings. These gives a little décor on napkins on the table. You do not have to spend a penny for the napkin rings. The cinnamon, springs of rosemary, pine, lavender, pine, grasses, grapevine, and twine as well as other herbs and many other natural elements are just twisted to make a ring adding a natural design element onto your picnic table and your holiday table too.

So, why pick or consider nature rings? Firstly, each nature ring of any kind is unique and you will find only one of that kind that there is. Nature rings are mostly handmade thus a surety of uniqueness as every ring will be different from another even if it is of a similar nature inspiration.

Those with great uneasiness for rings that are made of precious like diamond .Diamond has history of being used to fund wars in other countries acquiring the name blood diamonds have the option eco-mineral rings which are nature friendly. Nature rings have led to the rising of more jewelers as it has no end to the many creative creations that can arise from it. This is a good way to promote innovation we can say. Moreover, it instills in the minds of people the value of nature. This is a good way to advocate for the protection of our environment and slowly by slowly eco-friendly jewels will be the norm. Emerging jewelry industries and collections have learnt this art and apart from the few mentioned, there many more worldwide that have made a signature to keep the tradition of presenting rings not to be a thing of the past. We can say nature adorns the body. Anyway, we have evolved from it and depend on it anyway.


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